Aquib Baig

Why I switched to Gatsby

April 28, 2019

Learn why I decided to bring down my blog written in symfony and switched to GatsbyJS. I had written my first blog in Symfony and remade it again. Doing this would take me about 5-6 hours. And it was really hectic to add some new bundle/functionalities to it. But while coming across new JavaScript libraries, GatsbyJS caught my attention. Also, while static site generators such as Jekyll, Gatsby, etc. are getting more popular, I thought why not use it myself.

Gatsby is a free and open source framework based on React that helps developers build blazing fast websites and apps. It is a static site generator.

As I had mentioned about duration, building a blog in symfony took me about 4-5 days plus one more day in setup/deploy. Here I am with GatsbyJS and it took me about 45 minutes to fetch a starter template and get it up and runnning! That’s what gatsby can do for you folks!

What can Gatsby do for you

  • The most powerful introduction for the year 2018 in the JavaScript world.
  • With the introduction of webpack 4, React 16, and Babel 7, Gatsby now does even more optimizations under the hood. The stats are pretty amazing: the overall client side bundle shrank by 31%.
  • Vast multitude of plugins. Gatsby has the most abundant collection of important plugins that facilitate functionalities prior to SEO, react-helmet, filesystem, sitemap, typography, netlify, GraphQL and a maybe jillion more. Plugins
  • GraphQL integration let’s you query data and it has a serverless static archtiechture which is easier to manage and build.
  • Bounce Rates, Lead Conversion and Revenue
  • One of the best developer and user experience using build and develop environment just a command away.

Aquib Baig

This blog belongs to Aquib Baig who is a Web Developer and Architect at Zairza. Apart from writing code, I like to play soccer, listen to music and play video games. I am currently working as a summer intern at the umbrella organisation "FOSSi Foundation" under Google Summer Of Code. Follow me on Github