Aquib Baig

Aquib Baig

This blog belongs to Aquib Baig who is a Web Developer and Architect at Zairza. Apart from writing code, I like to play soccer, listen to music and play video games. I am currently working as a summer intern at the umbrella organisation "FOSSi Foundation" under Google Summer Of Code. Follow me on Github

1. LibreCores

LibreCores is my Google Summer of Code project with FOSSi Foundation. LibreCores is your gateway to free and open source digital designs and other components that you can use and re-use in your digital designs. Towards this goal, LibreCores provides you a comprehensive and easy directory of digital design components ("IP Cores"), means to assess the quality of those components, and documentation to learn more about the use and contribution to free and open source digital designs. LibreCores is a project of the Free and Open Source Silicon (FOSSi) Foundation, which was created to give a voice to the digital hardware design community. LibreCores, like FOSSi Foundation, is run entirely by volunteers. My contribution includes introducing a user notification and feedback mechanism on the website to facilitate user interactivity. For more information, go to LibreCores website.

2. IssueFinder

IssueFinder was created in 2017 when I was in my second year of Bachelor's. The main idea behind creation of IssueFinder was that sometimes the problems/issues that people face and want to get fixed is not the one which the govt. bodies are acting upon. IssueFinder does much more than that but basically, it provides a transparent stage for people and authorities to add and solve issues concurrently. The app is currently in development because there are a lot of things which can be worked upon in this area. This app, maybe in development bagged us second prize in Google Developers Hackfest 2017.