Aquib Baig

Aquib Baig

This blog belongs to Aquib Baig who is a Web Developer and Architect at Zairza. Apart from writing code, I like to play soccer, listen to music and play video games. I am currently working as a summer intern at the umbrella organisation "FOSSi Foundation" under Google Summer Of Code. Follow me on Github

How does Javascript really work?

07 November, 2019

We tend to think javascript as an on-the-go language for the browsers but deep down it has some dark secrets that will be unveiled. We will…

[GSoC 2019] Project Report - Extending in terms of user interactivity and feedback

18 August, 2019 lists free and open-source*“IP Cores”** on the website for the community to view and use. “LibreCore” is such an IP core…

[GSoC 2019] Setting up Notification system for Librecores

26 June, 2019

The goals in my proposal for first evaluation were as follows: Set up a Notification System in Librecores website The basic idea was to…

[GSoC 2019] Migrating legacy applications to webpack (Part 2)

07 June, 2019

Going further Till this point, we have learnt how to create webpack.config.js and add CSS/JS files to the configuration. Also we have learnt…